Sunday, November 30, 2008

Action Time - 3rd Dec 08

I recieved the following sms...I am planning on being there.

On Wednesday, the 3rd December, folks in Mumbai are gathering at the Gateway because - quote - "Let's start something guys. Something. A Non Co-operation movement. Something to show that we are not taking this lying down. Something that can tell the leaders and politicians that we want our safety. Let it be started by the corporates. A nameless, leaderless movement. Let's show them how many we are and how angry and tired and frustrated we are. Let's all come together at Gateway of India. Coming wednesday, Dec 3rd in the evening. Let's ask for what's our right. Right to live fearlessly. Lets devote one evening of our life to it. It's worth it. If you agree. forward it to your list"


I am angry @ myself that it took this kind of incident to push me to start writing.
This was long overdue. As the wise always say, there is a time for everything and your time is here now so make the most of it.
My first ever blog post, it is actually not as daunting as many of us imagine.
Actually I am really angry @ the events of the last 48 hours. Why did we allow it to come to this?
Don't we love ourselves? I am not even mentioning country, fellow human beings etc, as many of us are actually living in such an extreme state of complete selfishness that expecting them to think beyond themselves is a bit too much.
Hence I ask don't we love ourselves, because if we do then why are we letting this happen to us?
Terrorism stems from hatred a basic fact we all know, now let us be practical we cant eradicate hatred, truly a tall order for all new age and old age gurus and spiritual leaders etc.
Yes we can ensure the toddlers, children, teenagers do not connect to hatred, and they connect to tolerance, solutions which benefit all, thinking beyond one self. I hope we teach them about humanity, kindness, generosity, humbleness, tolerance, peace, joy, happiness and most of all LOVE. Love for mankind. Acceptance of the differences which exist between two people, two countries, two leaders, two colleagues, two siblings, parents, grandparents. I hope we teach them to accept this is what creates our identity makes us US...makes us HUMANS. All of us do not have to think same or similar, but we have to live with keeping in mind the larger good of human race, to celebrate and enjoy our differences. We can ensure we connect to similar minded but we can let the others coexist.

So now what about all those who are already terrorists what should we do? It would be great if we could throw a magnet in the sky which could pull all of them out of our planet and we could throw them in the abyss, but alas that is not possible, even though I love believing in angels and fairies, in this case we have to only concentrate on real solutions.

Earlier in the year Subash Ghai had made a movie Black & White where love wins over the hatred of a terrorist, the movie didn't too well, I wondered then why, don't we believe in the concept of love, are we just indifferent to human feelings of others.
Many of my friends, vendors, business associates did not send an email, sms...nothing ...pretty shocking...rather disgusting. Where is human decency? Are they only here to connect when we exchange money? For me every person I come in contact with and connect over some business transaction becomes such an important part of my life, how can one not care? Sometimes in life we are going through some personal tragedy and unable to be there for anyone that is acceptable, but I find it hard to understand why would our vendors not even ask if we are OK, in fact two of them sent messages - reminder for payments, within 24 hours of the incident. How heartless. It is sickening. Not even how are you? Hope you are ok?

Is this how hatred gets created, we can’t stand the inhuman attitude? Well I don't think I am going to turn into a terrorist because of this or million of other moments in my life, where I saw and experienced extreme selfishness, hatred, actually there is no excuse for those who become terrorist. Destruction of this kind is simply not acceptable.

How did all this happen? To my mind if I combine the force of money and power with hatred, and spice it up with corruption and personal greed, we have the perfect recipe for terrorism.

But money and power are not the evil they are the motivators the balancer's of our society and hatred we cant remove so now what?

We concentrate on solutions
1. Get rid of all the terrorists - via our magnet - the security forces of our country
2. Protect our Boundaries - via our magnet - the security forces of our country
3. Protect all areas which are populous- via our magnet - the security forces of our country
4. Catch the corrupt -via our magnet - the security forces of our country

Conclusion - The security forces require our support so that they can look after us.

Yes we need to look after them for them to look after us. Each of us can do a lot to ensure there physical emotional and mental well being of our security forces.
We can start with looking at them with respect, do we know how much do they get paid? We can start sharing facts about them? Facts which help us in understanding their lives, so that we can improve them.
Let us figure out how they can look after us better. Let us ask them what we can do for them so that they can do their work better. They are suppose to keep us alive shouldn't we make them feel special?
I am asking all of you? I want to join hands with all of you who are with me in caring about our fellow human being, who with me care about our country and care about our protectors.
Who are willing to take all action to eradicate terrorism from our country, get corruption and corrupt officers out of important places like the govt...?Etc.
Let us question all those who can only think of them selves. Let us boycott them. I want to hear what you have to say and I want each one of you to come up with solutions and take actions.
Time has come for us to protect our protectors.

P.S. Have been sitting with this for nearly 48 hours.