Monday, February 23, 2009

Jai Ho

I haven't seen Oscars for a few years,I use to be a regular watcher earlier,thank god I did watch this year.
Wow,what excitement!what fun!!Watching Indians on that stage was a complete high,simply fantastic.
When The Slumdog Millionaire won its first Oscar,I smiled.By the second I was grinning.When A. R. Rahman got the Oscar I could no longer hold my joy.
Then seeing him perform on the stage was really nice.When he got the second Oscar and Gulzar's name also rolled in..I was like India is happening,truly happening.
When Rahman mentioned Mumbai I was ecstatic,the city I have adopted was being talked about on Oscar night :)
Can't get better,Can it ? Suddenly the air was sweeter,all dreams seemed more real. Mumbai the city of dreams was once again making dreams come true.
As the movie went on to win more Oscars and finally the Best Director & Best Movie,I was simply overjoyed,maybe somewhere it re confirmed my reasons of moving to this city. The spirit of Mumbai,where anything is possible,where miracles happen every day.
The Love Danny Boyle mentions in an interview before Oscars,visible to him in the last scene which is shot at the railway station,the same railway station where few months ago terrorists planted some bombs.The same Railway Station which is again under threat.It really got me thinking and re affirming that love,hope & faith can conquer all.It is simply everything and even Universe can't ignore the love,hope & faith of millions.Seeing all the children and so many of them together receiving the Oscar for the movie was amazing.Rubina and the other children being present at the Oscars was on its own so energizing.Today I have started to truly understand why I called my blog Mumbai Calling.

I do also want to share the documentary Smile Pinki, the story of the poor little girl winning the Oscar was also a salute to India and the courageous Indians.