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Beware the Dream Stealers - They'll Bite Off Your Dreams, Chew Them Up, and Spit Them Out

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Your relationships have direct impact on your future. Be very fussy about who you surround yourself during your life. After you decide what accomplishments you'll create for your future, you must guard them with care.

Have you heard motivational gurus talking about how important it is to announce your goals to your friends? Their reasoning is that making your dreams public puts a pressure on you to work harder, and make sure those dreams come true. To an extent I agree with the concept, but have you told anyone in your circle about your aspirations? What kind of response did that get you?

If you associate with positive thinking people, individuals with high levels of success motivation, likely you'll find encouragement when you tell them about the paths you wish to follow. Telling a true friend brings varied responses depending on their nature. Either that friend believes in you, and your likelihood of accomplishing your stated quest, and gives you support. Or your friend doubts your abilities, and attempts to steer you from your path...for your own good, of course.

What if the crowd you run with is full of negative thinking persons? Doesn't matter how much of a friend you think one of those people is, if you make your goals public to them you're in for a bombardment of, "You can't do that's!"

When the defeatists in our lives start attacking our dreams, we too often cave in to their onslaught of negative input, eventually give up on those aspirations we carefully selected for ourselves, and fall into an existence of "scrape along, and survive for the moment."

Never growing into the person that following that road toward our goals promised for us.

The dream stealers in our lives have many reasons for seeing us fail. As I said above, our true friends often believe they're helping us (watching out for our own good), so they do what they can to steer us onto the perceived "easy" path. Some of these people find joy watching, and helping, others miss their goals. They never bother to find dreams of their own, lack determination to chase after the dreams they do discover, or they don't believe they'll ever accomplish those dreams, so they don't try. They're also jealous of anyone who succeeds when they think they can't.

Escape that destiny of failure by carefully selecting your acquaintances. Surround yourself with success motivated friends and associates. Find mentors who've successfully walked a path similar to your chosen one, and who want only to help smooth that path for you.

When you discover naysayers among your friends and advisors, realize that they can't give you helpful input for your future success. Understand that further association with these individuals only assures harm to your plans and desires. Know that the relationship must end. Sometimes you just gotta walk away.

Joseph Jackson retired at the early age of 46, and now travels in his recreational vehicle, hitting scuba, camping, and kayaking destinations for playtime.

He enjoys writing reports and books to pass on his experience and knowledge to help others succeed. He also searches for, and makes available, products that improve the enjoyment of his playtime activities.

For more of Joe's thoughts on success read his free report Chase Your Dreams With Determination or check out his ebook: Success In Life Is A PROCESS, And That Process Is Measurable!"

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Jobs for those from low-income communities

Posted by: "Kapil Marwaha"
Thu Dec 10, 2009
Dear All,

1. About us:

We specialize in helping youth from low-income communities only to get entry level jobs with companies. In the past two and a half years we have placed about 700 candidates in various cities with reputed Retail, Hospitality and other companies (such as Cafe Coffee Day, Yum! Restaurants [KFC], Jumbo King, Smokin' Joe's Pizza, Westside Stores, The Loot Stores, Eureka Forbes, and S.R. Facilities). We assist several NGOs in getting jobs for the youth they support.

2. Jobs available:

There exist several vacancies for youth between 18 to 30 years in different cities with reputed companies in the Retail and Hospitality (fast food outlets) sectors. Vacancies exist for 10thstandard educated or not, and English / non-English speaking. Gross salaries range between Rs. 48,000 to Rs. 72,000 p.a. plus performance incentives. No placement fees is payable by the candidates.

3. Soft skills training:

We also conduct training classes in Mumbai for youth in spoken basic English, confidence building and interview appearing skills thereby strengthening the candidates' communication skills leading to better job prospects for him/her.

Seriously interested persons / NGOs may kindly contact: or 09321539390.
Kind Regards,

Kapil Marwaha

Munsar Services
. . . . Helping Hands
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Looking for affiliates / channel partners

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Support Suicide Farmer's Families

support 4 suicide farmers families

One-Man-Crusade (Money Raised = Rs. 14,071/- as on 23rd March, 1100 Hrs)

Johnny D
I am a journalist-writer-poet-blogger-social service activist based in Bombay. From 18th March 2010, I am dedicating my life to support suicide farmers' families to make them self-reliant and live a decent life. As a journalist I have contributed articles in more than 60 esteem National & International Publications.

Dear Friends,
One man is trying to make a difference to our country... and my heart and soul goes out to him for his efforts!
His name is Johnny Dee, and he has dedicated his life on a one man army mission to make funds available for the poor farmers in India, who under debt opt for the only easy way out -suicide!
He plans to use these funds to devise solutions to make every farmer independent and provide education to his children.

Johnny moves around Mumbai city collecting 1 Rupee from every individual he meets, in an attempt to gather funds for the poor farmers in India.

He is doing something that You and Me would want to do but cant over come our shortcomings!

So if you ever meet Johnny be generous!

Here is Johnny's blog on his mission :