Saturday, April 3, 2010

Looking for affiliates / channel partners

We are looking for affiliates / channel partners to grow our venture

Individuals/ communities who are connected with

· Urban slum dwellers – drivers/ delivery boys, house maids, factory workers, hawkers, mathadi workers

· Rural middle class – farmers, traders etc

Who can play the role of affiliates in

· Helping us grow the financial literacy group

· Spreading awareness about our product and canvassing to interested group members

A significant proportion of customer collections are earmarked for channel partners

There is a great opportunity to create profitable social impact for all enterprising individuals

For more details please write on


Or call @ 9820323871

Who are we ? We are D2O - At D20 ( Distribution 2.0) we are committed to bringing innovative- low cost and easy to use financial service products to common man’s doorstep.

We are working on creating products which are friendly to our pockets.
We are working on making all our future more secure.We are working on bringing insurance products that you can not only afford to insure yourself but also all your household help....

How would it be if the common man (who earns as less as Rs 100 a day) could afford to have a bank account, insurance policy and a loan?

What if all of this was made available at his doorstep through the next door convenience store?

What if he did not have to wait to get an ID or an address proof to avail these products?

What if all that he had to shell out was a day’s income to get these services for a year?

D2O or distribution2.0 is a start up committed to spreading wealth for all by bringing low cost, simple to understand and consume financial service products at common man’s doorstep.
At D20 we believe that spread of financial literacy and financial service products will drive prosperity in masses and bring wealth for all.

This is a mammoth task. To make this happen we need support from one and all.
Help us spread the word. Help us form new affiliates. Help us reach out to corporate sponsors.
Be the community that will spread prosperity and bring wealth for all.

You can join our facebook fan page here:-

Some footage about what we are doing on ground

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