Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Abandoned Pomeranian .. Needs a home.....

Subject: Need a Loving Home for a 7yrs old abandoned Porm

Abandoned Pomeranian .. Needs a home.. 7 years old.. very loving.. has given up on life.. .. Owners abandoned him cause of his old age. I need a golden heart for this one

Snow white in colour , very friendly. .. calm .. composed almost like had given up on life when i found him.. I will not send him off to a shelter he has 2-3 years to live and I want him to be loved.

This is not an ordinary adoption.. but it is one that'll earn you pounds of points in heaven. I need an unusual heart for this one.. golden like the layman would put it.

REQUEST. it is my humble and heartfelt request for you to go all out and find this angel a home. Please.

The temp home is also turning face now.. the poor thing has felt rejected enough... .. Can I please please have someone come up. He's a mute dog, doesnt do annnything.. and has given up on life.. please help

♥ Lots of love.. Ruchi. 9820191321


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