Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Siddharth's creativity - Colorss Foundation

We at Colorss Foundation have Siddharth a very loving & affectionate boy.

Very enthusiastic in knowing things. His parents came to know that he is having mild mental retardation around the age of 2.He is having mild autistic tendencies as well. Now he is 22 years.
He has achieved a lot but is emotionally weak so needs a lot of support from people who understand him & are caring towards him. He has been operating computer from the age of 12.He listens to music on his own ,does paint program ,is familiar with powerpoint presentation. ~ Let me present his paintings to you all and we intend to sell these paintings so as to make him self-sufficient. We at Colorss are working on for his holistic development.
Please have a look at his drawings ....

We have created his portfolio you can email me so that I can email them.

We are open to your ideas and suggestions.

Anand Ramchandra

The registered office is:

Colorss Foundation

E/68, Jyoti Park
New Sama Road
Baroda, Gujarat

Colorss Foundation
Sai Baba Seva Dham
Village Kanhe
Tal Maval
Dis Pune

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