Wednesday, December 3, 2008

let's look at a SOLUTION

Protest Gathering - I want my Mumbai back!
Today's messageWell the organisers of all these groups are working together and have a common agenda. I can assure you of that... Be there tomorrow and you shall see! Having said that, the fact is still that this is an open gathering and we cannot stop people / groups from voicing their opinions as well...It is indeed a shame to see how people are callous and uninterested, unmoved by what's happening... I know it's disheartening and makes us angry... but you know what, not the whole of India fought for Independance either. It was those few who fought that made the difference! so let people ignore us, let people stay in a state of complacency, let people laugh at us, let people be sarcastic, let people be scared, ignorant... whatever... it will not make a difference to us... because we are united in thought and will be united in action...we will keep moving and we will make that difference! Let's rise above such inconsequential remarks!
- A Passionate Indian
My only request is - let's look at a SOLUTION.
Let's channelise our anger in the right direction.


  1. Hi Mamta,

    "so let people ignore us, let people stay in a state of complacency, let people laugh at us, let people be sarcastic, let people be scared, ignorant... "

    As a passionate India lover, I can only voice my little voice hoping it is reflected upon. In fact, the world is interested in India, in the past for its wealth and in modern times for its capacity. It is a major player on the global arena. People do not laugh ... maybe in India, but elsewhere everyone is very very attentive and ..envious. There is a bigger scheme of things happening to try to destabilize the country. To force two arch rials to fight each other. To destroy the might of India. The whole world is not fought by culture and religion. They are only the plausible facia that gets the invisible war fought with ease. It is known how the mob can react in India and how precarious the situation can turn overnight. When something happens in another part of the world, it is counted in thousands, but in India, in millions. This is scary to everyone. There is a whole mass of people who are scared, ignorant and so forth. But the informed ones should act and not make noises only. Diplomacy is one thing where Indians could score. The Mahatma caught the ployers unaware by his strategy. It had never been seen. And India gained its Independence. That loss is still bitterly swallowed and not gotten over. Believe me ! Think who invades and pillages? who invented arms and bullets? whoc counts its trophy of countries captured? who hold a sumptuous architechtural mark for the world to look at its supremacy? who started the concept of 'divide and rule'? who is running ahead to control the NATO? who is the best ally of the world superpower? who has lost the terror battle in its own homeland? who is stuck by its own rules and regualtions? who relies on its economy by Indian investors? Many do not think deep enough ... and look around them to see the truth.

    No country so far has been able to fight terrorism. Taking birth from the IRA, it has now become the weapon of the Muslim world.
    I agree with you that the first thing is to fight corruption. It is really scary to see how the indian psyche still clings to the 'sahib' concept long after the colonisers left the country. If the common Indian is still shackled in his mind, how can he think he can be strong and confident to stand on its own feet? It is the disparity of rich and poor that nutures the ills feelings. The caste and class sytems have crippled the minds. And those who get in power simply cannot handle the opportunity they have got.
    People of India will arise no doubt, but hopefully not swayed into another conflict. Heaven forbids.


  2. lest we forget-solutions are the only way ahead, i wonder a month down the line how many of us still feel as strongly about the attacks,