Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mumbai Meri Hai

To: Prime Minister
Friends, this is a brief of our demands for security reforms. your signature on the same will make sure we get them. There are many more reforms mentioned in the reports specified below that takes care of every possible scenario that may hamper our security. Please agree with our demands and share the same with all you know. Thank you The below actions are being demanded after going into the need of the hour in a professional manner. Apart from implementing the below the citizens would like to make it very clear to the government and itÕs office bearers that this action plan will be monitored by a Citizens Monitoring and co-ordination committee consisting of prominent citizens and professionals that will be recognized by the Government to ensure that there is no scope for any delays in its implementation. Government to provide and put a plan into place with specified time lines to set up security devices/infrastructure/apparatus without citing budgetary constraints as its the prime duty of the state to provide security....e.g. CCTV network all over the city and other selected cities in the state. (When /if budgetary angle crops up as an actual block then government should seek public-private partnership concept for funding) Roadmap with specific time frame mentioned, for setting up a full- fledged, specialized and fully equipped security force of commandos on the lines of the NSG. Immediate and time-bound implementation of all the recommendations of Project Sudharana (Mc Kensy report), National Police Commission report and the administrative reforms committee report. Allocate a budget and create a training module within 30 days on civil defense and disaster-training programs to be conducted in all schools/colleges offices and for all citizens. This should also be done using multimedia platforms. Increase the monetary sanctioning powers of the Director General Of Police and the Commissioner of Police so that there are no delays in procuring any equipment or services that may be required by the police department. This will effectively cut the red tape currently existing and reduce the undue delay caused by existing guidelines on procurement. Create a full-fledged and fully equipped operational marine police unit for Mumbai and surrounding areas like Navi Mumbai & Thane. Announce and implement tough anti-terror laws to deter terrorists. Clear directive to evolve within a time-frame, professional guidelines for providing non-category security to individuals. i.e. security should be provided strictly on need basis only and not on status of individual. Conduct regular joint operations/mock drills with police/army/navy/coast guards/fire brigade and health services to ensure better co-ordination amongst all agencies in time of emergency. Provide complete operational freedom to the unit commander i.e. DGP/CP to discharge their duties in a professional manner without any interference or pressure from political parties. Expedite immediately in a time-bound framework the pending proposals submitted by the police department to the Home department. Formulate and implement media regulatory framework. Formulate and implement a national ID cards program.
The Undersigned

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