Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Security Forces

We all know that we are a corrupt nation, most of us have got used to it, and I have been through my own battle of acceptance regarding the same. Offering a bribe was a complete nightmare for me, most turned around and said Get Real. Live in the present. You can’t fight the system.
What brings about corruption? How do we remove it? As a common man are we capable of doing something? What action can we take? How long will it take us to remove it from our day to day lives, or is it impossible?
Most of us do not want to vote? Many just want to leave the country. Many are numb, horrified, disgusted, sad, angry etc.
Should we continue leaving it to nature to create the balance, or is it finally the time to take charge, to be proactive. What is nature? Isn’t it us?
Is filing PIL an answer? Is shouting slogans the answer? Lighting a candle? Cursing the politicians?
So what should we do? We are a huge population, numbers wise too many, is that good or bad? Though does it matter, until and unless we can ensure no such attack ever happens? How are we going to increase security?
Each time the guard @ the gate of a 5 star hotel stops us to check our vehicle we get impatient.
The same is the case @ cinema halls & hotels etc, when they ask for our hand bag. We do not feel very cooperative when we are stopped and checked.
Isn’t it time to change our attitude? Shouldn’t we be saying thanks to them?
How much are we really living? What are we sharing with our children?
How many of us truly respect the police force? As kids I heard words like Doctor Uncle…Doctor Saab…Doctorji.When a postman dropped by I have heard people offering him water and saying poor thing he has to go door to door…etc etc.
What about the police man/woman… Are they important to us?
Have we ever questioned ourselves… our views about the police?
What do we know about them? What is the level of awareness in all of us?
How does it work? Do we teach about the organization structure of the security forces as part of our education? Can I get an organization chart for our Police?
Who is responsible for the decision making if terrorist attack, who gives the orders? How do the orders get relayed? I have lots of questions, and I want action taken for all of my questions and your questions…Questions which ensure a safer tomorrow…Actions which ensures security for all of us at all times.

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  1. Hi Mamta,

    It would be thanks to motivated and intelligent people like you that India might get the change they need. Keep up with the good work !

    The country's flaws and vulnerabilities need to be addressed and acted upon. It is a jolt the population has got which might inspire some good to come out of it. Copying the Western models would not necessarily be the best. India has to find its own solutions based on decades of drills. The called the world's biggest democracy would have its role to prove it once again. Seeing the young mobs shouting 'War' is appalling. Is this what India will face with its new generation? The legendary creative mind of the Indian should come forth and re-shape the country.