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About a Dance Therapy Organisation in Calcutta

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In a verdant and quiet lane in South Kolkata, surrounded by delightfully named landmarks such as Dasnagar Pujor Math and Jodhpur Bazaar, gracefully sits a haven that nurtures many lives and souls through the art of dancing and movement. The haven is Kolkata Sanved, an organization steering towards excellence in Dance Therapy in Asia.

The team at Kolkata Sanved, supported by resource persons and advisors, dedicates itself to the exploration of dance and movement as an alternative therapeutic approach for the recovery, healing and psychosocial rehabilitation of victims of violence and trafficking, mental health patients, people suffering from HIV/AIDS and also mainstream school children. It strives towards engaging civil society and the government in generating awareness and policy changes on issues of health, education, trafficking, sexual violence, and HIV/AIDS. Kolkata Sanved relies on the powerful medium of dance to convey and communicate messages of social importance to the masses who may not necessarily want to read pamphlets, posters or listen to speeches.

It is invaluably insightful to sense what movement can do to our bodies, where, how much and how! It is nothing less than a magical feeling, the assurance of being "beautiful", "capable" and "powerful" that comes with allowing one's body to move and sway, swing and hang, turn and twist! As a facilitator, I have experimented with creative methodologies such as role-playing, story-telling, collage-making, painting and puppetry.

This video is an excellent glimpse into the rhythmic and harmonious endeavors of Kolkata Sanved...

They are inspiring in their moves and display skills of being excellent facilitators who encourage self-acceptance, healing, confidence and empowerment in the groups they work with. Through its curriculum, "Sampurnata", men and women are trained to become future leaders who will implement dance therapy in their own communities.

Sanved has been the winner of the prestigious "Beyond Sport" award in the "Best Project for Health" category for the year 2009. While it wins accolades and mentions in the press, its real accolades remain the unique joy experienced by people as they discover the harmony and rhythm hidden in their own bodies, the beauty of there being and acknowledgement of the power that lies within.

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