Sunday, March 14, 2010

Building Dreams

We all have dreams and it's important to dream.During the course of living some dreams work out,some have to be modified and some abandoned and then we start dreaming new dreams and then comes a day when we achieve a milestone,something we had dreamt of ,something we had not.We are here to acknowledge that milestone.The day,the moment we ( one of us) become part of the big league,part of that special circle,who has striven and got to where they wanted to...we want to celebrate those highs in your voice and ours.I have been consulting &l mentoring & coaching individuals in their entrepreneur journey and have been calling myself Builder Of Dreams and now with the assistance of few friends going to create this platform as your voice,your space to talk about your dreams.

Please Post info about your life or work which you would like to share with others,anything which can be a positive influence to others.

Through this group we are going to share what each of you are doing via sharing some profile,some experience .Also going to cross post to my blog and create an opportunity for people to find out about your work.

The above info is about my facebook group 'Building Dreams'

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