Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NGO near Mumbai Needs Help on Bakery Recipes

There is an NGO near Mumbai (Karnala Panchayat, Panvel Taluka, Raigad) named Yusuf Meharally Center. This NGO has a bakery in which they produce some bakery products including bread, cookies and rusk (toats). This bakery is run by people from nearby villages, and the products are sold locally / in Panvel.

The NGO is facing the following requirements pertaining to the bakery:

a. The bread manufactured by them expires in one day. They need to know the technique to manufacture bread that lasts long (4-5 days).

b. They know very few recipes of making cookies, currently they manufacture only 3-4 types of cookies. They want to know more recipes.

c. They want to know what other products they can manufacture in their bakery.

The NGO uses a fire-wood fuelled oven. They require marketing support and technological updragation; however, the first problem that needs to be solved is regarding the recipes.

A volunteer, who has experience in making good bakery products is required (preferably from Mumbai) is required to solve their problem.

Interested people, please contact me via email / phone

Email: kiran@grameenbharat.in

Phone: 91 - 9920516997

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