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I have visited several Seva Places in my HOH career....but Sai Dham is one of a kind !
The Founder , Mr Moti Lal is a true AMBASSADOR OF SEVA ! I felt very humble in his presence.
This Selfless, Seva Daari has created a complete SEVA HEAVEN KINGDOM, in Faridabad........
Several years ago....this place was a jungle. These children were aimless, wandering vagabonds with nothing to do ..cept steal. Mr Motilal had a Divine Calling to build a Sai Temple in this area. He built a temple and noticed to his frustration that these kids would STORM into the temple for prasad. They would CHEAT exchanging their clothes with each other ..just for a second helping.They would steal shoes, chappals..sell it for food !
At first Mr MotiLal was angry....but then he realized that these children were HUNGRY !! It was HUNGER...that motivated them to steal . He then experienced his second Divine Calling ...and SAI DHAM was created ....a SEVA HEAVEN..where every need of a human being is taken care, clothing, education,vocational training, medical care, dental care,holistic, yoga, mass marriages..etc etc

My childhood friend Suniti and myself visited Sai Dham on Thursday, Feb4
When we entered Sai Dham..we were both struck my the was SPOTLESS....not a speck of dust ..even if you tried to find ( 100% TQM)
The children were all GLOWING ( Suniti's words)...with healthy faces. They had shiny polished shoes and well groomed hands and fingernails. I was told that Mr MotiLal provides tooth past, boot polish, combs, nail cutters to the families along with clean, ironed uniforms.
Mr Motilal only believes in EXCELLENCE ...
Under 50% marks is FAIL
Under 80% attendance is FAIL !
That explains the 100% pass rate in his school.
His staff will en quire....bring the parents...question them....understand the situation....and find solutions ! He is a PROBLEM SOLVER ....they are persistent. I could FEEL their dedication and commitment.
Breakfast and lunch is served in this school. Many of the kids dont get dinner when they go back home.
Mr Gupta told me about a heart wrenching story ....
One boy kept stuffing food during lunch time..till he became physically ill !They asked him..."why are you eating so much"?
His answer..." my father is a garbage picker who earns Rs 40-50/day. Most days he comes home drunk and beats the mom.Those days we all sleep hungry"
After that day......Mr Motilal started serving a very wholesome breakfast to the school.
They are 7,9 and 11yrs old. ....abs adorable kids ....youngest is a girl . Their father had been bedridden for 2 yrs....and died last year. After his death..the mom committed suicide .When Mr Motilal found out this tragedy.... he immediately took care of EVERY NEED ...including entertainment like TV, toys etc.
These kids live with their aunt who is employed as a teacher in the school. My hear melted when I saw their sweet faces.... how much pain/torment have these kids gone through? ....
They seemed all very happy .. the boys want to join the police force.
I learned from the staff there, about Mr Gupta's amazing kindness... he is considered a GOD that descended in this area.
Suniti and myself witnessed the counseling of the illiterate parents. Even the parents are provided with clothing and are given entertainment picnic /sightseeing trips! The moms all showed me the sarees that they were wearing is given by Sai Dham . Mr Gupta believes in providing harmony in the families...for the kids to max their potential .
Is in the compound along with a FREE DENTAL CLINIC ... the first of its kind that I have seen in any Seva place .
In India...who cares about the teeth of destitute kids and their families??
I am impressed .... Mr Gupta has thought about EVERY THING... the WHOLESOME approach to SEVA !
This is mind blowing !! I have never witnessed any thing like that in my life . Suniti and myself , entered a room where ladies were busy packing suitcases with STUFF !. this STUFF... included all household items ..from bedding, utensils, pressure cooker ..tooth brush ..etc it was there . Every thing one needs to START LIFE . Even a cycle is provided for the man .They conduct upto 10-25 marriages at one time....abs amazing !ss
There were at least 20 this spacious room, with 3-4 kids per computer.This is one area where they need major HELP .. All the computers are outdated ....

Suniti and myself witnessed a lovely program conducted by the kids . They showed their dancing skills..but above all I was mighty impressed by their YOGA SKILLS ..... which is a major part of the curriculum
Overall .. it was a very spiritual experience for Suniti And myself. Suniti went back completely TRANSFORMED ..
We both felt very HUMBLED by this NO NONSENSE SEVA DAARI...Mr Gupta ..the Founder of SAI DHAM !
Thank you Rita ... for giving me this opportunity to witness such high quality , superior SEVA ..... which would get a TQM SCORE of over 100%

Dr. Nilima Sabharawal - Founder of Home of Hope

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Society
Sai Dham,Sector 86,Tigaon Road,Faridabad 121002(India)
Ph.Nos:0129 2370900,011 29212933/41436912
M 9810397034

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